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Play offers preschoolers opportunities to be creative and build social skills.

Studies have shown that creative play builds stronger minds and bodies. At Kid E Nation, we offer preschoolers many chances to engage in creative play, including role playing, using familiar materials in new or unusual ways and imaginative play.

Studies have shown that children who are allowed to participate in creative play increased their social, language and emotional stability by 33 percent to 67 percent.

Play has also been shown to boost memory and increase cognitive skills, as well as build greater control of emotions and impulses.

At Kid E Nation, our highly trained teachers create a curriculum focusing on a wide scope of learning, allowing for cognitive, physical, gross motor, fine motor and creative activities to emerge at each child’s developmental level.

According to, play is important to children because it allows them to:

Screen time use by infants, toddlers and preschoolers has skyrocketed over the past 10 years, with detrimental effects. A recent study of MRIs showed that the brains of children aged 3 to 5 had lower levels of brain development in the areas that control language, literacy and cognitive skills.

As a result, pediatricians recommend that young children view television or computer screens no more than an hour per day.

Creative play can counteract those negative impacts, boosting brain growth in key developmental areas.

Play is serious business at Kid E Nation, and our students reap the benefits of structured activities that enhance creativity, build social skills and boost physical fitness.

Check out all of the enrichment activities that we offer at our Kid E Nation preschool, where creative minds build bright futures.