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The benefits of enrolling children in are backed up by a recent extensive study conducted by Duke University and published by the Brookings Institution.

While the study focused primarily on state or federally funded pre-kindergarten programs, the benefits of curriculum-based early learning such as that offered at Kid E Nation were also lauded.

According to an NPR story on the study, quality is more important than quantity when it comes to early childhood education. “Instruction built on social and emotional skills, rich play, toys, games, art, music and movement complements explicit instruction focused on things like learning to count and matching letters to sounds and words. Both benefit kids’ readiness for school.”

At Kid E Nation, we offer preschool curriculum powered by STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), that pave the way for educational success later in life. The latest research backs that approach, saying that preschool and early childhood education are the building blocks on which student achievement is built later in life.

“Scientific research has established that if all children are to achieve their developmental potential, it is important to lay the foundation during the earliest years for lifelong health, learning, and positive behavior,” the Duke study concluded.

Curriculum-based education, enriched play activities, arts activities and opportunities to develop social skills in a classroom setting provide a strong base for preschoolers before they head off to pre-kindergarten and kindergarten.

The earlier the brain is hard-wired to learn the better, according to the study. “The brain’s basic architecture and circuitry develop rapidly during the early childhood years. Experiences in pre-k aimed at addressing the consequences of adversity and providing environments rich in language and cognitive stimulation thus have the potential to strengthen critical neural networks associated with learning.”

Children enrolled in preschool develop social skills, build independence and fine-tune their developing motor skills, experts say.

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