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Kid E Nation Takes Outdoor Play Seriously

Think back to your own childhood, and if you’re like most people, many of your most vivid and perhaps fondest memories are of events and interactions that took place outdoors. And it’s easy to understand why a natural setting would make a deeper impression. That’s why it’s so apparent to any thoughtful person that the outdoors has a lot to offer people of all ages— fresh air, sunshine, simply being in nature.

Because of their young age and early stage of development, this holds especially true for children. They are not only growing and learning throughout childhood, but they are also forming lifelong habits and shaping opinions about their place in the world at the same time.

If you allow them to spend countless hours staring at a screen, you might be setting them up for a lifetime limited by these habits. They’ll miss experiencing the natural world and forming a bond with it that would undoubtedly add richness to their lives.

The obvious benefits that come with outdoor play are the exercise, fresh air and sunshine that are integral to the experience. But there is so much more to it.

Studies show that children regularly exposed to pollens and other outdoor allergens in the first decade of life are less likely to suffer with allergies later on. Some researchers speculate that this is because early exposure to dust, pollens, animal dander etc. strengthens the immune system. As well, sunshine allows the body to produce vitamin D, a nutrient critical to calcium absorption and to building strong bones. It is worth noting here that, with children spending more and more time indoors, vitamin D deficiency is on the rise.

The health benefits of time spent outdoors aside, we at Kid E Nation think that time outside on a beautiful day is an experience that everyone should have as often as possible. That’s why we take play very seriously, and that means a healthy dose of outdoors for every child on every day with weather that permits it.

We know from watching youngsters outdoors laughing, running, jumping and generally enjoying life that this is important. We want the children in our care to have rich and diverse experiences, and we hear from our parents frequently that they appreciate this aspect of our program.

Talk to us today about this or any other topics dealing with childcare and the programs at Kid E Nation. We love what we do, and we are proud to share our vision for quality childcare with anyone interested enough to ask.