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Kid E Nation Makes Quality Nutrition a Top Priority

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Few factors are more important in children’s behavior and general health than their diet. Research shows and parents understand that what you feed a child has a lot to do with a youngster’s quality of life and ability to perform in school and even on the playground.

There’s a computer term that works here: garbage in, garbage out.

If you feed a child large amounts of processed, packaged food with lots of hidden sugar, salt, preservatives and other ingredients with too many syllables to pronounce, you’re going to have a poor outcome.

It could manifest as bad behavior or constant hunger for real nutrition. It could show up as lethargy and wanting to sit in front of a television or video game all day instead of playing outside. It could even translate to less than optimal academic performance.

At Kid E Nation, we know this from reading the latest research about child nutrition as well as from our experience with our own children and the ones entrusted to our care. That’s why the food we serve is prepared from fresh and frozen real ingredients — fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses. And we prepare it fresh each day, offering youngsters as much as they need of these quality foods.

Because when young bodies are nourished, it’s easier for them to have the energy to run and play or the concentration to sit still during a lesson time and pay attention.

And we do it with the foods kids love. We make mac and cheese but it’s made from milk and butter and real cheese — not processed “cheese food,” whatever that is. Our snacks consist of fresh fruits and real cheese. They don’t come pre-portioned because different kids have different energy needs, so we’re always willing to give seconds or even thirds if a child is going through a growth spurt or just requires more quality calories. The emphasis, though, is on the quality of the food, so it’s more satisfying and meets the nutritional needs of that child.

Whether your child is a Kid E Nation kid or goes to another daycare, we encourage you to talk to caregivers and find out what goes into the food your child eats. At Kid E Nation, we welcome such questions and are proud to explain how we nourish the children in our care.