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We recently moved and were concerned with switching daycares. Kid E Nation definitely exceeded our expectations. The staff is friendly, it has a great curriculum, and the rooms are large and always clean and tidy. The pricing is very reasonable especially since meals are provided. The automatic bill pay option is also really convenient! Overall, it’s a great daycare and my mind is at ease while I’m working because I know my son is being taken care of!
— Michelle Chiesa

Both our children attend preschool here and we absolutely love it. The staff is amazing and the methods and teaching styles have help our children succeed. They are kind, considerate, and work with the children to learn not only mentally but emotionally. Stephanie and her staff are nothing but professional. Sarah, Miranda, Barbara, and Krista have all worked hands on with our children and made the transition to school and potty training of our children go so very smoothly. I look forward to the coming year to see how this talented team helps our little minds flourish!
— Brian Hornburg

We love love love Kid E Nation. Our 2 girls ages 20 months & 4 have been attending a little over a year now. If you are looking for more of family environment Kid E Nation is for you. Our oldest knows how to write her name, can count to 30, knows her colors, shapes, animals & can recognize all her letters & numbers. All thanks to Mrs. Sarah! All before VPK. Our youngest is all smiles & laughter when we drop her off. We highly recommend Kid E Nation!
— Diana Jones

I have three children that attend there. Two of my children have food allergies and they are very accommodating and help my children feel included all the time while ensuring their safety is the top priority! My oldest loves to attend the summer camp and she always begs to go on days when school is out. The VPK is very comprehensive and the teacher understands my son and helps him learn in a way that he understands. My kids love it there!
— Deena Cannistraci

I LOVE Kid E Nation. The staff are wonderful and take such good care of my child. She loves getting up and going to “school” everyday. They care for her as if she was one of their own. I highly recommend Kid E Nation!
— Lori Blagg

Kid E Nation is the best thing that has happened to my children. The staff is wonderful! They are very kind and caring. My children clap in excitement when we pull up 🙂 They are learning so much. I can’t say enough good things about them!!!! Would recommend them to anyone. I can go to work knowing my kids are in great hands! Thank you Kid E Nation!!!!
— Amy Gurney

I am so happy I found Kid E Nation for my two-year-old! He has been attending here for over six months since we decided to take him out of a large-named daycare. I find Kid E Nation to be a more welcoming and friendly environment than any daycare we have looked at. The teachers are awesome and Stephanie, the owner is always there, knows all the kids, and is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. My son has learned a lot here while having plenty to do. Every room smells good and is extremely clean! It is a great location and overall a wonderful daycare and school!
— Megan Carbia

My kids LOVE Kid E Nation and so do I. I was very hesitant about moving my kids from the “at home sitter” into a local daycare, but Ms Stephanie eased my mind. Both of my children love their teachers and are excited to go to Kid E Nation everyday. I love picking them up and hearing how much fun they had and how they can’t wait to go back the next day. I would recommend this daycare to everyone (as I already do) I cant say enough good things about them!! 🙂
— Nicole Schlusemeyer

KideNation is a working parent’s dream come true. You will feel beyond comfortable dropping off your child here everyday and your child will feel the same. It is a large, clean facility with a family atmosphere of staff who genuinely care about your child. The VPK curriculum is well rounded and develops the emotional maturity of child, truly getting them ready for kindergarten by maintaining structure and school atmosphere. They also offer extracurricular activities throughout the school year for an economical price. We really LOVE this school!
— Jasmine O’Neil

Kid E Nation is an excellent school! When our youngest was ready to start daycare it was hard for us to find the right school – you know- safe environment, clean, organized, structured, friendly staff, loving teachers, and balanced meals.

ALL of that at great PRICES is what you will find!! From VPK to toddlers you will find energetic, loving teachers that care for the kids as though they were their own.

This is a newly renovated facility that is clean and bright. The owners are super friendly and go above and beyond for the families that attend. My oldest now attends elementary school but drops in from time to time when schools is closed and always has a blast.
— Monique Velez

I have had my son in a very large daycare, and i can tell you there is so much more love and happy faces at Kid E Nation. I have never had a bad experience there. All the teachers are friendly and actually seem to enjoy their job. You do not see this at all daycares. Everyone is very welcoming and my son loves going to school! Thank you Kid E Nation!
— Ashlynn Case

My child has been attending kidenation since last September of 2014 and I can honestly say that there is no better second family and home for him than this place. They provide a warm and friendly atmosphere while encouraging educational growth thru fun group activities. And also the teachers are very nurturing and have shown to genuinely care for each child as if they were their own. The fact that they only incorporate all natural foods into their menus is also a big plus for me. I highly recommend kidenation to any parent who wants the best for their child(ren).
— Vicmar Medina

We have been SO pleased since switching our daughter over to Kid E Nation, best decision we ever made! The entire staff is very friendly and happy, the atmosphere is so calm & clean, the food is nutritious & healthy, and the VPK curriculum & teacher have our daughter doing more in the last 3-4 weeks than she had done for 4 months at her previous school. Thank you Stephanie for running an outstanding school, taking care of your staff and taking care of all the sweet kiddos!
— Heather Damers

I highly recommend Kid E Nation. My daughter has been going to Kid E Nation for a year and a half now and we have nothing but great experiences. The staff is aware and extends the educational activities from my daughters school. She always and accurately completes her homework. She also learns more with her arts&crafts, yoga, and sign language activities. Signing my daughter up for Kid E Nation was the best decision I’ve made since moving to Orlando. We love Ms. Kelly and Ms. Stephanie.
— Natacha Nettles

We recently moved and were concerned with switching daycares. Kid E Nation definitely exceeded our expectations. The staff is friendly, it has a great curriculum, and the rooms are large and always clean and tidy. The pricing is very reasonable especially since meals are provided. The automatic bill pay option is also really convenient! Overall, it’s a great daycare and my mind is at ease while I’m working because I know my son is being taken care of!
— Michelle Chiesa

My son has been going to Kid E Nation for almost six months. He was a a chain daycare before and didn’t seem to be learning anything because it was over populated in each of the rooms with too many kids and not enough teachers.

The staff at Kid E Nation are very on the ball. They make it a point to really know and understand each child. They are great at nurturing and development. I love getting my child’s progress report and being able to chat with the teachers about what my son did for the day.

I would recommend this daycare to anyone that wants to get away from corporate daycares and wants their child to have a great education.
— Carlos Berrios

In my experience, Kid E Nation is top of the line in delivering day care and early education services. They provide a safe and clean learning environment where children are nurtured and challenged simultaneously. They do not shy away from challenging situations and tackle potty training, defiance and the challenges associated with providing child care services for children with developmental disabilities head on. My children are excited about attending Kid E Nation and when my school age child is out of school, she begs to go to Kid E Nation because she is afraid to miss anything going on with her peers. I am also very pleased that they provide meals for the children that diversify their experiences at home. My daughter fell in love with veggies at Kid E Nation when I struggled to get her to eat healthy and any parent hopeful of raising healthy children would be more than thrilled with Kid E Nation’s dedication to healthy eating. Furthermore, they have convenient morning and evening hours allowing flexible child care for the early risers and late workers. They firmly have their proverbial fingers on the pulse of the day care and early childhood education industry and I cannot think of another place where I would like for my children to be. Whenever someone asks me about child care in Oviedo, Kid E Nation is the only provider that I recommend. I truly appreciate you all’s continued commitment to excellence. The leadership is second to none, the staff are amazing and the children enjoy being there. Kid E Nation allows you to go to work with your mind at ease. They are a true jewel in our community.
— Taj Murphy

We love Kid E Nation. When the basics are covered (safety, nutrition, curriculum, cleanliness, etc.) what you will find being the variable that makes the biggest difference from provider to provider is the exceptional staff and teachers. The staff and teachers at this school are fantastic. Stability, continuity, genuine compassion and love of children, attention to detail, willingness to get down on the floor with the kids and make it fun… all things that these teachers do to make my kids LOVE going to school each day. I highly recommend this childcare provider.
— Natalie Richardson

Switching my son to Kid E Nation was the best thing i could have done for my son. The entire staff is welcoming and friendly and are always full of smiles! My son is exremly comfortable here and has excelled dramtically since he statred. Everyone here goes above and beyond in everything they do. At kid E nation i know my son is safe and happy.
— Sarah Nordgren

I have had my son in two other local daycares and I knew from his first visit to Kid E Nation that we had found his school! He is two years old and has been going here for almost a year. He loves all the teachers and the director. They have fun and creative activities for the students and include the parents. They are so accommodating to each child’s needs. As far as I am concerned this will be his school until he starts elementary school.
— Jason Helms

Both of my children love Kid E Nation. I have had many negative experiences with other daycares in the past, but I can only say GREAT things about Kid E Nation. My son is very sensitive and every morning they are always so understanding and go above and beyond to make him comfortable. He loves every staff member and everyone is so friendly. My daughter attended the summer camp and now attends the after school program and is very happy there. I am willing to pay more for her to go to Kid E Nation vs. her public school aftercare because she has time to complete her homework and the help and attention the children receive is outstanding. Anytime I have needed help with anything, Ms. Stephanie (the Director) has been more than willing to assist me. I highly recommend Kid E Nation.
— MacKayla Gonel