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Oviedo Early Pre-K/3 year old’s

teacher and three preschoolers playing with wooden blocks Three year olds are becoming their own unique individuals. Children at this age are very active and able to communicate and express themselves clearly. Their verbal and physical abilities are becoming refined. They move into a social stage of development and become interested in playing with others and establishing friendships through fantasy play and vivid imagination.

Our Teachers will create a curriculum focusing on a wide scope of learning, allowing for cognitive, physical, gross motor, fine motor and creative activities to emerge at each child’s developmental level. At this age, social and emotional skills are also a main focus within our curriculum. The children are learning to cooperate with each other, take turns and form more group play instead of parallel play. In this social setting, three year olds feel secure when they know that they have clear and consistent rules, choices in their behavior and opportunities for lots of peer interaction. They thrive at being leaders and helpers and learn best through these interactions during creative play.