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Oviedo Curriculum Overview

people_studentHere at Kid E Nation we use a combination of The Creative Curriculum, Handwriting without Tears and S.T.E.A.M. approaches to form our innovative Kid E Nation Curriculum. Using these researched based tools along with an engaging, stress free approach to writing skills, Language and Literacy and the introduction of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math into our classrooms, your child will be able to explore their environment through safe, hands on, concrete learning experiences that will enhance all aspects of their individual development.

Our Curriculum Team and Teachers create original, theme based lesson plans that incorporate what the children are interested in learning about as well as all of the standards and milestones that must be reached to ensure all children are developing the skills needed at the right stage in learning. This also allows our teachers to maintain assessments and evaluations of each child’s growth and progress. Our lesson plans change with every new group of children who come into class. They are tailored for all learning styles and developmental needs of each child in class. Children can learn at their own pace and are not pressured to acquire a skill before they are ready.

By using these combined approaches, we have been able to incorporate the natural way children learn, explore and develop. Our Curriculum is customizable for all learning styles and developmental levels. This optimizes each child’s individual needs and potential, as it develops a love for learning and a solid foundation for education.

The introduction of S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) into our curriculum will expand your child’s education by providing opportunities for more realistic discovery, project based activities with outcome driven results, problem solving skill enhancement, teamwork building, innovation, motivation and inventiveness. Allow your child’s natural wonder and curiosity to come alive through play and creativity.

Along with our developmentally appropriate social-emotional program and positive redirection techniques, our environment is calm, engaging, child directed and full of lots of love. Please come by for more information about our amazing curriculum approaches.