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Kid E Nation Reinforces the Character Training Youngsters Learn at Home

Children come into the world already programed to do certain things: crawl, walk, feed themselves and even learn a language or several if they’re exposed to them. But they must be taught other life skills by their parents or caregivers. Among these is character — the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.

Whether a child develops a good character or a bad one depends on what they are taught. Most parents know this instinctively and teach their youngsters to share, to settle disputes without hitting and to listen when others are talking, among other behaviors. These traits go a long way toward developing a child’s character so that they become a contributing member of society and someone others like to be around.

For these reasons, character education is an important part of what we do at Kid E Nation. Through positive reinforcement and compassionate correction, we teach the youngsters in our care to be cognizant of the needs of others and aware of the effect of their behavior on others.

This kind of character training is not only a gift to the people your child will meet over a lifetime, but it is also a gift to the child. Empathy and compassion open the door for your child to develop closer relationships to family members and lasting friendships with their peers.

“We teach them that if they’re responsible for something bad happening, they are the one who should make it right,” says Kid E Nation founder Stephanie Sorrentino. “This is an integral part of early childhood development.”

Sorrentino says this kind of training sets the stage for children to be better problem solvers and deal more easily with conflict resolution.

At Kid E Nation, we want to support the character education parents are imparting to their youngsters. We want the children in our care to be as prepared as possible to face the challenges life brings.

Call us today if you have any questions about our programs and the thinking behind everything that we do. We love hearing from parents of children in our care and from anyone who wants to learn why we do what we do.