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Screen time vs. play time

Like adults, youngsters are getting addicted to handheld devices like laptops and cell phones and that can lead to developmental problems, several studies show. Screen time in preschoolers continues to grow, with 63 percent of children in the United States spending over two hours a day on their device, according to a study published in Read More >

Top benefits of creative play for preschoolers

Play offers preschoolers opportunities to be creative and build social skills. Studies have shown that creative play builds stronger minds and bodies. At Kid E Nation, we offer preschoolers many chances to engage in creative play, including role playing, using familiar materials in new or unusual ways and imaginative play. Studies have shown that children Read More >

Study shows benefits of enrolling children in preschool

The benefits of enrolling children in are backed up by a recent extensive study conducted by Duke University and published by the Brookings Institution. While the study focused primarily on state or federally funded pre-kindergarten programs, the benefits of curriculum-based early learning such as that offered at Kid E Nation were also lauded. According to Read More >

Children, Like Everyone Else, Communicate Through Behavior

Learn to Read Your Child’s Behavior to Help Them Grow When kids are misbehaving, it’s easy to think that it’s a conscious effort to irritate us, but chances are they’re just trying to tell us something. And maybe they don’t even know what that something is. Consider a 4-year-old girl, who missed her nap and Read More >