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Character Education an Integral Part of Child Development

Kid E Nation Reinforces the Character Training Youngsters Learn at Home Children come into the world already programed to do certain things: crawl, walk, feed themselves and even learn a language or several if they’re exposed to them. But they must be taught other life skills by their parents or caregivers. Among these is character Read More >

Outdoor Activities are a Critical Part of a Healthy Childhood

Kid E Nation Takes Outdoor Play Seriously Think back to your own childhood, and if you’re like most people, many of your most vivid and perhaps fondest memories are of events and interactions that took place outdoors. And it’s easy to understand why a natural setting would make a deeper impression. That’s why it’s so Read More >

Teaching Self Control Goes a Long Way Toward a Successful Future for Your Child

The Best Way to Teach Self Control to Children is to Model It We all want our children to be successful, so we do our best to prepare them to thrive in the world. Chief among the skills anyone must have to succeed is self control because it affects every aspect of life from finance Read More >

Choosing the Right Pre-School For Your Child

Be Sure To Do Your Homework, And Be Prepared to Walk Away We get this question a lot at Kid E Nation: How do you choose the right pre-school for a child? It’s easy to give our best answer based on decades of experience, but, in the end, the decision is for the parents alone Read More >